One Month

4/1/18 Sunday

Today I hit the one-month mark.  Houseless but not homeless.  Adventuring solo but not without companionship.  Figuring it out as I go along, trusting that everything will come together however it needs to, in its own time.  Tense & anxiety-filled moments as well as hours spent in relaxed contemplation.  So far so good.

I’ve been continually filled with gratitude for all the words of appreciation & admiration for what I’m doing, for what I’m creating and how I’m sharing it.  A deep and heart-felt thank you for all the kind words shared while I’m sitting at the café working, or in comments on this blog & social media, emails, and during random encounters (my favorite!).  It means the world to me and buoys my spirits during those moments of doubt and worry that periodically plague me.


1. I have some of the most wonderful people in my life.  They support me, comfort me, encourage me, and allow me to make mistakes.  Before launching this phase of my life, I’d been somewhat hermetic, anti-social, and pretty flaky at times. I blamed many different things for this (my illness, my residing in a town I no longer wanted to be in, many friends having moved away, etc…), but I understand now that those were just excuses, rationalizations for an internal inertia I’d grown far too accustomed to.  I will do my best to not take any of you for granted, and to show you the same love and support you show me.

2. This is truly the life I want to be living right now.  No regrets.

3. In order to become a better photographer, I need to be out in the world taking pictures.  Duh.

4. Showering every day is not a requirement.

5. How to be more patient, especially in the face of adversity.

6. My life is far more interesting now than it’s been for a long while.  At least to me.

7. My life is nothing like those other #vanlife videos you see on YouTube.